Key Benefits

  • Ship your freight within NetSuite and manage the entire order-to-shipment process without a single cut and paste.
  • From tracking numbers to shipping costs and delivery dates, conveniently manage all shipment details in the same place you create orders and serve your customers.
  • Enhance your speed and improve customer satisfaction by eliminating issues caused by human error.
  • Manage your freight without the need for additional staff or complex manual tasks.

Customers Love It - Torque Fitness

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With our ERP integrations, it's all about streamlining the order-to-shipment process, providing visibility to critical data, and preventing costly errors.

Netsuite + MyCarrier = A Scalable and Efficient Shipping Process

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Learn how connecting Netsuite and MyCarrier can simplify your order-to-shipment process, and find out how it works.