Freight Audit Pro

Reduce the time it takes to audit your freight by 90% and only pay what you owe.

Access all your freight bills in one place, get instant visibility to discrepancies,
and rest easy knowing you're not missing something critical.

Starting at only $50 a month

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Level up your freight audit
Under / Over Charges
Access all your invoices on one page, spot overcharges in seconds, and send remittance reports with the click of a button.
Easy Invoice Dispute
Submit detailed disputes right within the platform. Give your carriers the info they need, without having to dig for it.
Control costs
Instantly spot overpayments that damage your bottom line and underpayments that lead to unexpected costs later.
Improve customer service
Send accurate invoices to your customers so you don’t have to go back and charge for missed accessorials.
Save time
Instead of dealing with spreadsheets and manually comparing invoices with BOLs, let automation do the work for you - fast.
Minimize errors
Studies show the average invoice error rate in the freight industry is 15%, and if freight is not audited properly, a business risks overspending.
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