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Advanced Analytics empowers shippers of all sizes to optimize freight activity, identify trends, and minimize risks. Interactive dashboards make it easy to dig into shipment and lane data without switching between tools, so you can make impactful, informed decisions for your business.



Advanced analytics gives you:



Eliminate the need to juggle multiple tools or spreadsheets to understand your shipping operations data.



Pre-built dashboards instantly organize your data into easy-to-understand, interactive reports.



Slice and dice your data with filters like shipping location, date, carrier, origin, and destination.


Actionable Data for Shippers of all Sizes.

Advanced Analytics contains a variety of shipment, carrier and lane reports that enable you to make better decisions for your business. Check out our overview video or schedule a demo to see if it'd be valuable for your business.


Explore the dashboards


Spot shipping and freight trends

Access and refine insights on shipping behavior like overall shipping activity, transit durations, and same-day pickups. Use this data to identify inefficiencies and reduce transit time.

  • View shipment and freight spend over time 
  • Get a birds-eye view of delivery statuses across all shipments
  • Determine when to book your same-day shipments based on pickup history
Shipment Summary by Mycarrier
2-lane analysis-1


Optimize lanes and locations

Maximize efficiency with reports that help you determine peaks in shipping trends and the best times of the day and week to ship. Use this dashboard to optimize freight volume and ensure you're adequately staffed for whatever comes your way.

  • Compare transit time by carrier to identify the optimal fit for each lane
  • Make informed decisions based on volume, transit times, and customer costs 
  • Understand shipment distribution and opportunities for order consolidation

Carrier summary

communicate better with carriers

Make the most of your carrier relationships by understanding your freight and volume trends across locations and lanes. Use this data to add efficiency for both parties and become a shipper of choice.

  • Understand your carrier market share over time to help with carrier relations 
  • Uncover opportunities to consolidate carriers with insights into your carrier utilization over time
  • Identify carrier's optimal pickup days and times for successful dispatches
Carrier Summary by Mycarrier