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FreightWaves Webinar: Solving SMB Shipping Problems with Technology

The supply chain challenges we're all hearing about today likely bear little resemblance to those we envisioned at the beginning of 2020. The COVID-19 pandemic caused chaos across every local, national, and global supply chain, from product shortages to facility closures and beyond.

The pandemic’s disruptive impact on global supply chains only heightened the need for all organizations to focus on risk mitigation due to longstanding shipping concerns. Today, more than ever, businesses must invest in technologies that will enable them to:

  • Keep shipping costs down
  • Keep up with customer/industry demands
  • Source consistent, reliable carrier capacity
  • Ensure on-time pick up and delivery performance
  • Always have the proper inventory in the right places
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FreightWaves recently invited Bobby Russell, MyCarrier VP of Sales, and Marc Brown, MyCarrier VP of Marketing, to discuss how small to mid-sized (SMB) organizations can easily overcome common technology challenges—lack of budget, expertise in managing platforms, identifying a clear ROI, and system integration and administration—through SaaS-based shipping and logistics platforms.

Learn more about overcoming prevalent SMB shipping challenges here.


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