Optimize Your Truckload Shipping

Find the best rates across all your providers and digitally dispatch your freight without the headache of paperwork and re-entering data. Connect directly with your providers and take control–all on one automated shipping platform. 


Why use mytruckload?


One System for Multiple Modes

With MyCarrier, you can manage your LTL and FTL booking flow in one platform.


Add Your Preferred Truckload Providers

Seamlessly connect to your preferred truckload providers, saving you time and money.


Quickly Create and Send Quote Requests

Generate and send quote requests to multiple providers with just a few clicks.


Select and Tender Your Load

With increased visibility into your truckload rates, you can easily identify the best provider.

Tired of juggling multiple booking streams?

MyTruckload streamlines your truckload quoting process, allowing you to integrate your Truckload providers directly into our system. You can request quotes and enjoy the same ease and efficiency you have within your LTL booking flow.

how it works

To request a new quote, fill out the shipment details and select which provider(s) to send a request to. Your providers receive an email containing a link to submit their rates, which flow back into MyTruckload. After you pick a provider and tender the load, our system sends another email to allow the provider to accept or reject the tender.


truckload booking your way

With all of your provider rates flowing back into MyTruckload, you can quickly decide which provider is best suited for your needs. Set a time limit on how long you're willing to wait to receive your provider rates and tender your load after you've reviewed your options.