100% Coverage in Your Quote Flow

Don't get stuck footing the bill for lost or damaged freight. Protect yourself from loss and eliminate uncertainty with affordable cargo insurance by Loadsure. You'll be covered for the full amount of the product + transportation costs + insurance premium.



When You Book Full Value Protection in Your Quote Flow, You Get: 

Guaranteed Protection

Get full value coverage for your shipments at a fraction of the price, without having to prove carrier liability.

Expedited Payouts

Receive the full value of your product typically in only a few days

Hassle-free Claims

Easily submit documents and check on the status of your policy in one convenient portal.



Skip the inconvenience of entering duplicate information by quoting and purchasing insurance while you book your shipment through MyCarrier. 

Get a policy in your name with transparent terms and conditions of coverage, instead of dealing with unwanted surprises during claims. 

Enjoy cost-effective coverage without the headache.

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Don't Limit Your Coverage

Many shippers only rely on the limited liability coverage offered by the carriers, but don't realize the risk this poses. In most cases, they not only have to prove the carrier was at fault, but also only receive payout for a fraction of the cost.

Full value coverage through Loadsure covers the full amount of the product cost, transportation cost, and insurance premium.





Loadsure is a trusted third-party insurance provider and partner who does not require proof of carrier liability, makes filing and checking on claims easy, and provides payout in ten days or less.  

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Integrated Cargo Insurance Payment FAQs 


Q: How can I pay for insurance in the platform?

A: You can either enter your credit card information or choose invoice billing.

If you choose to pay with a credit card, it will be used for all future insurance purchases.

Please note, you can switch to invoice billing at any time.


Q: How does invoice billing work? 

A: If you selected Invoice Billing, you’ll need to do the following:

First-time insurance customers will receive an invoice from MyCarrier the next day.

Please inform your accounting department, so they know to expect this information.

Additionally, in order to use invoicing for future payments, you must add your accounting team’s information here.

Once you are set up to be invoiced, your accounting team will receive all invoices on the 1st and 15th of the month.

Upon completion of dispatching your insured shipment, you’ll have the ability to download a copy of your insurance certificate and invoice that you can share with your accounting team.

  • Coverage is always subject to the terms & conditions afforded under the policy (ie. limitations with respect to limits of liability, commodities, etc.)
  • Claims settlement time begins when all required documentation has been provided by the insured/claimant as per the claims handling process.
  • Claims may be subject to deductibles.

Protect Your Next Shipment with Full Value Cargo Insurance