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Carrier-Friendly TMS Platform Drives Explosive Q1 Growth



MyCarrier, provider of the industry’s top-rated transportation management system (TMS), announced today that it had eclipsed an annual run-rate of $1 Billion in freight network revenues for 2022. With the strong revenue report and over 500,000 shipments in the first quarter, MyCarrier is well-positioned to help shippers struggling with supply chain chaos. MyCarrier's TMS acts as a digital bridge, providing new levels of visibility between shippers and carriers that will lead the LTL shipping market digital transformation efforts and accelerate carrier digital scorecard initiatives.

“MyCarrier has seen on-platform shipments increase 649% since 2019, so the rapid growth into 2022 was not unexpected,” said Tommy Barnes, MyCarrier CRO. “Even with the anticipated growth, we’re really excited about how much traction MyCarrier is gaining in the industry. Our customers and carrier partners have recognized our vision and its value to help simplify shipping and optimize carrier operations. We expect even stronger numbers in Q2 as we continue to educate and connect with SMB shippers."

Freight industry veterans, Michael Bookout and Chris Scheid, created MyCarrierTMS in 2017 to provide a digital platform that connects SMB shippers with their carriers, creating a direct end-to-end shipping process that benefits both parties. Today, with more than 25,000 on-platform shippers, MyCarrier is poised to assist shippers in adopting carrier-friendly shipping processes, which is critically important in the current tight capacity transportation market.

“We have been investing and educating shippers about the importance of digital connectivity for some time now,” said Todd Polen, vice president pricing services at Old Dominion Freight Line.  “Old Dominion is committed to working with shippers who have strong digital scorecards.  As a carrier,  it is imperative to provide real-time shipment visibility, but as a shipper, it is just as important to tender the shipment and bill of lading electronically for automation and operational resource planning.  The industry as a whole can get to real-time information exchange the more efficient we can be as a carrier, and the MyCarrier product helps get us there.”

Strong user feedback has been a driving force behind MyCarrier’s vision and rapid growth. This customer-led approach catapulted MyCarrierTMS into top spots on G2 for both the “Highest Rated” and “Easiest to Use” TMS categories.

According to MyCarrier CEO, Michael Bookout, “the powerful testimonials provided by MyCarrierTMS customers are helping to break down technology fears previously seen throughout the SMB market. SMB shippers know they need to evolve, and thankfully, our customers are helping us accelerate user adoptions.”

One such SMB shipper is Dave McDonald, Director of Distribution at Kicker Audio. According to McDonald, the digital connection between the company and its preferred carriers has removed common barriers, creating greater visibility and eliminating inefficiencies.

“More and more, we’re seeing that carriers are choosing to work with shippers who can provide them with early, accurate information,” said McDonald. “This has led to streamlined pickups and a reduction in business risk, securing capacity as a shipper of choice, which is a must with the capacity issues the market is facing right now.”

The recent launch of the MyCarrierTMS Pro subscription product has been another influencing factor in the company’s growth, as the offering provides additional features and capabilities that go beyond the carrier connection, focused on unifying and enabling all departments involved with shipping. Future planned features include business integrations (i.e., ERP), invoice audit, advanced analytics, and more.

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MyCarrier, a transformative shipping management platform, has partnered with the industry's largest carriers to provide unprecedented efficiencies and value-based visibility. MyCarrierTMS and MyCarrierTMS Pro use innovative API technology to connect shippers directly to their carriers, creating a seamless end-to-end shipping process and providing unrivaled data that leads to easier shipping management, cost savings, and increased efficiencies. To learn more about MyCarrier, click here.

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