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Employee Spotlight: Michael Wells, Product Manager

At MyCarrier, we believe that our team members truly make the company valuable. Our multi-skilled staff delivers dedication, talent, and innovation on a daily basis, allowing the company to successfully grow and expand. Because of this, we’ll be featuring ongoing spotlights that highlight the experience, insights, and interests of our amazing employees.

This month’s Q & A is with Michael Wells, Product Manager, who has been with MyCarrier for almost a year.


What skills and experience brought you to the position/makes you a good fit for the position?

Product Management focuses on the skill of communication, which has always been a strong suit of mine. It’s knowing how to interact with people in diverse ways, being able to listen to people from all levels and departments of the organization, plus the needs of the customers, and bringing it all into a unified idea that meets the goal of the business. I believe humor and empathy allow me to make others feel at ease, and comfortable opening up about how to make our product and processes better.


What do you think makes MyCarrier stand out in the LTL shipping industry?

It’s the relationships. The core of our products revolves around a straightforward relationship between shippers and carriers, but it’s also the connection that we, the company, have with our customers and industry that set us apart. Our leadership come from years working in shipping, and have fostered a community here that allows our customers to trust our product.


How would you describe the solutions and benefits that MyCarrier offers?

We strive to understand the pain points of the individuals that use our product, and thrive on their feedback that guides our product. Shipping should be simple, and our customers are able to alleviate the tedious nature of booking and tracking with our product, while also offering insight into data and shipping opportunities they didn't know about before.


What do you enjoy most about being with MyCarrier?

The people. Everyone is passionate about the work they do, and we rely on the unique strengths, personalities, and perspectives of each other to make the best product as well as an incredible work environment. The people that work here are so fun, which allows us to take our work seriously. Plus, they let me be my natural, goofy self, and seemingly even like me for it.


What are some of your interests and hobbies?

I’m a unique combination of a theatre nerd and a gym rat! I love any kind of live performance, and can’t wait to go to a music festival again. But on a daily basis, my evenings after work consist of some weight lifting, Netflix, and podcasts.


Want to Join Our Company?

As the company continues to grow, MyCarrier needs more team members like Michael, who are dedicated to innovation and success. Do you know someone who may be interested in joining our growing team? We have several open positions. Take a minute to visit our careers page and join one of the fastest growing technology companies in Scottsdale, Arizona.