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Employee Spotlight: Topher Speth

This month’s Q & A is with the talented Topher Speth (who is pictured above after celebrating Holi Festival with the company culture club). Topher has been MyCarrier's Director of Products since April of 2019.

What skills and experience brought you to the position/makes you a good fit for the position?

I have a long history as a user and product leader in the logistics industry. I worked in a freight brokerage for five years as a product user and later and a product manager. I have also worked in warehouses and seen firsthand what shipping managers face on a daily basis.

What do you think makes MyCarrier stand out in the LTL shipping industry?

MyCarrier is unique because we give customers the tools they need to be successful while still maintaining relationships with the carrier representatives that they see as their partners. We work with carriers, not at odds with them, to optimize the experience for our shippers.

How would you describe the solutions and benefits that MyCarrier offers?

MyCarrier can bring different value to users depending on their starting point - for customers without a transportation management system, they will see huge gains from aggregating the daily shipping needs into one place. Even the customer with a mature TMS will love MyCarrier's location-based daily shipping calendar and the ability to automate their repetitive tasks and outgoing customer communication. Our carrier-to-shipper model also means that shipping managers have relationships directly with their carriers, allowing them to get a more personalized approach to solving their shipping needs.

What do you enjoy most about being with MyCarrier?

Having direct relationships with customers to discover and solve their shipping needs is the best part of my job. We get to provide tools that many times the customer didn't even realize were possible, which is always a great feeling.

What are some of your interests and hobbies?

I love food - traveling for food, cooking new exotic dishes at home, and reviewing every new restaurant that opens. I often get conscripted to make Spanish Paella or Thai Curry for one friend group or another. I also have 100+ board games in my collection, and will play games any chance I get. I have traveled to Europe for board game conventions, both as a vendor and an avid fan. I enjoy ultimate frisbee, however I haven't been back at it since the start of the pandemic.

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