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Adopting Critical Shipping Technology with Ease

Too often, shipping managers believe that deploying essential shipping technology is cumbersome or time-consuming. They realize that their shipping processes is tedious and inefficient, but adopting the technology needed to solve these pain points can seem too complex, expensive, or out of reach.

The truth is, getting set up on a powerful, intuitive shipping management platform takes only 20 minutes and leads to a faster, easier shipping process that cuts quote and dispatch time by 88%, and reduces shipping costs by 15%.

Shippers who take a few minutes to get started on an automated shipping platform are rewarded with control, visibility, and reduced costs - an unbelievable ROI for the minimal cost and effort involved.  

Watch the video to see how easy and beneficial adopting critical shipping technology can be. 

Read the full video transcript here:

This one's for my shipping managers, my operations guys, my logistics coordinators out there. Let's talk a little bit about the efficiencies within your four walls. What you can do within your own building that is going to drive efficiencies and making it easier to share information.

So, I talk to customers all the time and they're doing things a little harder than they have to. There's a lot of redundant manual processes, passing of paper, exchanging of vital information that's crucial for each department to execute and do their job. But not only that, it produces a better kind of cost to serve your end consumer, right?

So, as you get more efficient within your four walls, the end product that comes out your door has to get better
or faster or more transparent. So, when you deploy technology like MyCarrier within your four walls, what you're able to do is align customer service departments with access to tracking information. You're able to align your logistics coordinators or your shipping department with real-time access to their carriers, the tracking information, anything they need to get their hands on.

But I've been in shipping for a long time. We're a costing center. Everything we do creates an accounts receivable for the accounting department. So, every shipment we book is creating an additional AR record. Well, how are you recording that costing information? How are you getting that costing information to your department so that they know when that invoice comes in, that it matches, and that it's okay to pay?

One of the best things that I can think of with deploying technology like MyCarrier is how easy it is to tie those departments together, to share information, and build a wealth of data to where you have visibility into process sources and where your freight is commensurate to delivery.

The costing- did my costs go up or down because that directly impacts my profit margin? So, by deploying a solution like MyCarrier, not only is it cost effective and easy to use, but people actually like using it.

Too many times have I seen cumbersome technology deployed within an organization that people don't want to use. I also understand that there's always a level of turnover in these organizations. So, to be able to take a new body
and put them in that seat, they can just start right into that process.

So, when I look at this, MyCarrier really solves three things: people, process, and technology, and you can align all of those with an easy deployment.