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Shipper Product Feature: Get Fast, Accurate Quotes

The old way of quoting is time consuming, incomplete, and prone to error. MyCarrier turns this process on its head, bringing the carriers directly to you.


What's the problem with LTL quoting?
Getting quotes from your LTL carriers can be a huge chore. For each carrier you want to quote, it goes something like this: find the log in information for the location you need a quote from, then type in the consignee details and hand key shipment details for the same pallet of goods you’ve probably shipped a thousand times. Do this several more times (once for each carrier) and you have comparative prices between a few carriers. Repeat the process multiple times a day, every time you need to book a shipment, and it’s easy to see why the hours in your day disappear.
For the frequent shipments, you probably have sticky notes on your monitor saying “Dispatch with this carrier on this lane," just so you don’t have to keep quoting day after day. With changing markets you could be making the second-best choice sometimes, but who's going to go run 15 different rate quotes for every shipment to save a few bucks?
This old way of quoting is time consuming, incomplete, and prone to error (who hasn’t paid a reconsignment fee due to a mistyped a zip code at least once in their life?). MyCarrier turns this time-consuming process on its head, bringing the carriers directly to you.
How Does our Quote Page Work?
The MyCarrier quote page is a single point of entry to retrieve rates from 80+ national and regional carriers. You enter your shipment details once and can immediately compare the rates, service offerings, and transit times of every carrier you have an account with, all on one screen.
Whether you do all your shipping through one carrier, or get quotes from ten or more carriers per shipment, it will take you less time than fetching a rate from a single carrier site. With the ability to compare quotes between carriers, you’ll also be empowered to make better business decisions. You'll be be confident that you chose the best carrier for the job, not just one that was good enough to save you from the humdrum of visiting more websites.
With a single site for all your carrier rates, we can also provide you with some powerful tools that further optimize and personalize your quote creation process. Because it’s your own platform and not the carrier’s website, you also get the benefit of:
  • Customer locations – From a single MyCarrier login you can use any of your locations. No need for separate logins for your 3 different warehouses and a separate one for third party as well. Enjoy a simple dropdown to select which location you want.

  • Address book – Our shipping-focused address book saves all the relevant BOL details of every location you ship to. It also learns and grows as you ship, so you'll never have to enter the same details twice. You won’t just use it to store the basic address and dispatch details. Conveniently store accessorial settings, contact information, and custom delivery notes, so that your consignee has a great experience receiving your shipment. Having these details readily available will save you time during entry, and it will also reduce unexpected charges from surprise accessorials or redelivery fees.

  • Google maps integration - Even if this isn't a place you've shipped to before, all you need to know is the name of the business and our Google Maps integration will pull in the rest of the address info.

  • Product list – Most businesses find themselves shipping the same types of freight frequently. It makes no sense to keep on having to enter these details by hand. With our product list, you can look up a product by name and we will pull all your saved details into the shipment. No more keying in the same pallet dimensions over and over, or continuously looking up a product’s hazard class and NMFC. Simply set it once, and ship.

  • Integrated cargo insurance quoting – if you’re in the habit of insuring your shipment, that means keying in all the same details again into another website. On MyCarrier, we use the details you’ve already entered to get your insurance quote.

  • Easily sharable quote information – Conveniently print or share quote details to collaborate with your peers or communicate to other parts of the business.

  • Reference number integration – It’s your quote, so it should record your reference numbers. Having a quote ID, PO #, or other reference that you define, will help you to keep your activity easily in line with your warehouse and order management tools.

How to get started with our Quote Page
You can start quoting as soon as you integrate with your first carrier. However, to truly unlock the power of quoting in MyCarrier, you should be integrated with each carrier you have an account with. Here's how to get started once you have a MyCarrier account:
  1. Supply the essential shipment details necessary for an accurate price quote.

  2. Compare and select a carrier and carrier service option.

  3. Provide the finalizing BOL details

  4. Hoorah, you're booked! We've automatically sent out a pickup request and you now have access to printable shipping labels and the shipment BOL. Enjoy your optimized quoting experience!