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Shipper Product Feature - Shipment Calendar

Maintaining all of your shipment updates can be a full time job, even in a perfect world without missed pickups and late deliveries. Our shipment calendar brings all of your shipment updates automatically from all your carriers into one place, saving you the time and trouble. Read more about our convenient shipment calendar and the multiple problems it solves. 

What problems does the shipment calendar solve?
It can be frustrating and time consuming to use multiple websites to ship. Shippers have to go to multiple carrier websites to gather information, and the experience across carrier websites can be vastly different. Tracking information, quality of site maintenance, responsiveness of their website, and the general information the carriers decide to show on their site can vary greatly from carrier to carrier. Not only do many shippers spend time visiting several sites for their shipping information, but they have to spend time navigating the inconvenient differences as well. 

If these shippers wanted to see all of their shipments in one place, they'd have to constantly manage different items in their own calendar. Depending on the tracking updates supplied by every single carrier combined with the number of shipments they're managing every day, this can be as time consuming as a full-time job. Even with these efforts, there is often an all-too-high chance for shipments to "fall through the cracks" due to human error in managing a calendar, shipments that don't have tracking, missed deliveries, or late pickups.
We see shippers frustrated with issues like these every day. We listened to these problems and designed an intuitive solution: a shipment calendar tailored specifically for freight shippers.


What is the shipment calendar?
The shipment calendar is the first thing a shipper sees when they login to MyCarrier. It shows them all of their shipments in one convenient place. They can see the shipment status of all their deliveries for the current month, prior months, and upcoming pickups. This way, they are up-to-date on every single shipment at all times and are receiving tracking updates as they happen in real time. The calendar is filterable, so that views can be tailored according to specific needs. Shippers can easily filter by:
  • Location

  • BOL number

  • PO number

  • PRO number

  • CR number

  • By shipments:

  • That are waiting to be picked up

  • That have been picked up and what their delivery status is

  • That have been delivered

  • That are late, delivered late

  • Where the carrier was not able to supply tracking.

How to get started with the shipment calendar
Anyone with a MyCarrier account can get started with the shipping calendar. The calendar is going to be empty until:
  1. You add a carrier you'll be shipping with.

  2. You book a shipment.

As soon as you book a shipment, shipments will start appearing on the calendar. Shipments will automatically appear with their tracking statuses.
From here you can tailor your calendar's views to your specific needs with the filters provided.



Don't have an account yet? All of our core features, like the shipment calendar, are free to use. Register your account today at mycarriertms.com.