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Saint Patrick's Day

Saint Patrick's Day: Now a Major Holiday for the Supply Chain

What started as a small celebration commemorating the life of Saint Patrick, has now blossomed into a major retail holiday. In the weeks leading up to March 17th, supply chains have been busier than ever delivering Saint Patrick's Day themed products across the country.

Boosting the Bottom Line for Retailers, Shippers, and Carriers

The Irish have observed Saint Patrick's as a religious celebration for over 1,000 years. Today, the holiday is widely celebrated in America by Irish and non-Irish alike. Much of the US observes the holiday by cooking an Irish meal, dressing in green apparel, hanging up festive decorations, or grabbing a pint or two of Guinness in their favorite pubs.

This year, as the country recovers from the pandemic, more people than ever plan on participating in festivities. According to the National Retail Federation, consumers are expected to individually spend an average of $40.77 on Saint Patrick's day-related items.

In fact, with an estimated 5.1 billion dollars being spent this year on specialty food, apparel, décor, and other goods for the Saint Patrick’s Day holiday, March is becoming a month that retailers, shippers and carriers are counting on to boost their bottom line. With such big numbers, it's no wonder that the transportation industry is increasingly relying on the Irish-themed holiday to buoy up revenue between Valentine's Day and Easter.

Interesting Saint Patrick's Day Facts

Now that we've covered this year's projected numbers, check out a few interesting facts you may not know about the Irish-themed holiday. 

  • The first Saint Patrick’s Day event was celebrated in March of 1792.
  • 39.6 million American who claim Irish heritage.
  • The Chicago River will be dyed green for five hours to commemorate the event.
  • The color green and the number 7 are often used to attract online shoppers to Saint Patrick’s Day sale items.
  • Almost 150 million people plan on celebrating the holiday in some way.
  • 83% of all celebrators plan to wear green.
  • Until the 1970’s, Saint Patrick’s day was considered a religious holiday in Ireland with drinking being prohibited.
  • 23% of those participating in the holiday plan to decorate their home or business, with the most common decorations pots of gold, shamrocks, and leprechauns.
  • 20% of all celebrators are planning on attending a private event or party.
  • 82% of consumers plan to wear green in celebration of the holiday.
  • 18 to 24-year-olds are most likely to celebrate with 73% participating, and 65 and up are the least likely to participate at 35%.

How Will You Celebrate?

Whether you're one of the 39.6 million Americans that claim Irish heritage, or you just appreciate a cold pint of Guinness, we hope that you enjoy Saint Patrick’s Day this year. You deserve it.