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Top 8 Father's Day Gifts for Truck Drivers

Father’s Day is only a few days away and if you’re still not sure what to get your trucker dad, we have some ideas. We’ve even included ideas for warehouse workers and other supply chain professionals too. There are many gifts that can make life on the road (or in the warehouse) more comfortable, convenient, and entertaining, but here are our top 8 picks.

1. Diecast Model of Dad’s Truck

Whether your dad is a truck driver or works in another capacity for a carrier, ordering a specialty diecast model of a truck is the way to go. Whether the model simply features the carrier name or is an actual replica of the truck he drives, your pop is sure to proudly display a miniature version of his wheels. Check The Drake Shop for tons of cool diecast model options.

2. Audio Books

Passing long hours on the road is easier when caught up in a great story or interesting epic. Audio book subscriptions like Scribd and Audible provide plenty of listing options, no matter what genre your dad prefers. There is even a long list of books dedicated to telling real life truck driver stories, including The Long Haul  by Finn Murphy and A Trucker's Tale by Ed Miller.

If your dad’s work involves warehouse management, this list of books may be right up his alley. Both subscription services often offer 30-day free trials, so that your dad can decide if it’s something he enjoys before purchasing.

3. Trucker Dad/Warehouse Dad/Supply Chain Dad T-shirt

What’s Father’s Day without a cool tee for your dad? Remind your pop of how awesome he is with this stylish shirt that says, “Some people call me a truckdriver. The most important call me Dad.” Watch your dad get teary-eyed has he throws this awesomely sentimental shirt over his head. After all, the roles of both “Dad” and “Truck driver” demand a ton of respect.

Is your dad a warehouse worker or in supply chain management? Don’t miss out on these epic tees.

4. Heavy Duty Phone Case

Whether your dad is a truck driver or warehouse worker, he’s bound to be around a lot of hard floors and solid pavement. One thing is for sure – it’s a long drop from the cab to the concrete. Save him the headache of a smashed screen or broken phone by buying him a quality phone case. Check out this list of the top rugged phone cases and where to buy them. Your dad will thank you later when you call him on his dent-free phone.

5. Portable Mini Fridge

As the blistering heat of summer approaches, your dad deserves a cool lemonade at his fingertips, even while on the road. With these bad boys, he’ll stay hydrated 24/7. This list has fridges that vary in capacity, price range, and features, but all of them are portable and use 115V AC or 12V DC power. Don’t forget to include a 6 pack of his favorite soda with this thoughtful gift.

6. Seat Cushion
Doesn’t your dad deserve to be comfortable after hours on the road (or a forklift or office chair)? This top-rated ultra-plush memory gel seat cushion not only provides backpain relief, but also guarantees that your dad won’t have to deal with a numb bum while doing his part to keep the supply chain going. Doesn’t your dad deserve a well-cushioned derriere after all those long hours behind the wheel?

7. Sentimental keychain

Last, but not least, is a keychain that reminds your dad how much you care with a message that reads, “Drive Safe, Dad. We love You.” With this thoughtful gift, your dad will remember how much you’re thinking about him every time he jumps in his cab and starts the ignition.

8. Trucker Ingredients Coffee Mug

What ingredients make up a true trucker? This Long Haul Coffee Mug explains it all. When dad is home, he'll love sipping coffee from this specialty mug, and the whole family will be reminded what makes his job (and him) so awesome.  

No matter what gifts you give (or receive) for Father's Day, we'd like to thank all of the amazing dads out there. Your efforts don't go unnoticed. Stay safe! 


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