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MyCarrier Saves Cooling Equipment Company Time and Money on LTL Shipping



Bryan Robert, Indoor Comfort Supply owner, was paying high monthly fees for a TMS that didn't fully address his LTL shipping pain points. On top of this, he and his team were often weighed down by inefficient, time-consuming processes. When he discovered MyCarrier, a connected shipping management platform that provides the visibility and ease he was looking for, he jumped aboard and hasn't looked back.  

Before using MyCarrier, Indoor Comfort Supply received multiple calls daily from customers asking about the status of their shipments. Now, their customers enjoy up-to-date tracking notifications, allowing Bryan and team to focus on other important tasks. 

Better customer service isn't the only benefit that Indoor Comfort Supply enjoys. Company shipping manager, Josh Allen, found that he saves at least 12 hours per week on quoting, booking, tracking and analyzing shipments. On top of this, the business saves around $12,000 annually on freight costs. Because of the substantial time and money savings, he often recommends MyCarrier to other LTL shippers. 

"I would recommend MyCarrier to any small business that has a high number of LTLs being shipped," Josh said. "It makes it easier on staff and the shipping department - getting the product out there with less labor. No more sitting in front of a computer trying to enter all this information manually. This platform is what every business involved in freight shipping needs!" 


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