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MyCarrier Automated Shipments Up 246% From Last Year



MyCarrier is experiencing growth that continues to exceed industry expectations. Coming off the momentum of a sizable series A, the tech company recently reported over 225,000 on-platform automated shipments in one month, up from 65,000 automated shipments at the same time last year. The company currently has over 24K registered platform shippers.

Founded in 2017, the MyCarrier platform allows shippers to directly connect with major carriers, compare negotiated rates, view transit times on a given lane, and electronically tender loads. Calendar views make load planning easier and extensive API integrations automate exception-based shipment tracking. Additionally, MyCarrier's document flow automates the entire settle for end-to-end frictionless shipping.

MyCarrier's rapid growth has taken the Scottsdale, AZ company from 28 full-time employees in a 4,000 SQFT office in 2020, to over 100 employees by year end in a sprawling 20,000+ SQFT complex. In fact, Phoenix Business Journal recently named MyCarrier as one of the fastest growing technology companies in Arizona.

According to MyCarrier co-founder, president, and COO Chris Scheid, this rapid expansion is only the beginning.

"White label partnerships with industry leading companies like Saia Freight, Old Dominion, and Averitt Express are allowing us to provide shipping solutions to more customers than ever before," Scheid said. "As we work with our partners, we're able to continually advance our technology and provide an even better experience for shippers."

Along with substantial investor interest and a notable growth in profits, the young company has attracted top executive talent, including industry freight veteran and former project44 President, Tommy Barnes.

Barnes, who accepted the role of CRO because of his confidence in the company's vision and mission, believes MyCarrier offers a solution for both shippers and carriers that can't be found anywhere else in the industry.

"I've been in the industry a long time, and I recognize that there's nothing out there like MyCarrier," Barnes said. "MyCarrier's distribution model democratizes the shipping process and sets it apart from other freight tech companies. Removing the middleman and giving shippers direct access to their carriers is certainly a game-changer, especially in a tight capacity market." Additionally, this platform will service the shipper community with a dynamic multi-modal shipping solution that cannot be rivaled by any other organization.

Saia's Vice President of Sales, Mark Hamblin, agrees with Barnes. "As a white label MyCarrier partner, we have seen significant success with the platform," Hamblin said. "The API technology drives network efficiencies and enhances visibility, both for ourselves and our customers."

Along with the prominent hire of Tommy Barnes as CRO, MyCarrier recently brought on strategic business leader, Rich Gibsen, as VP of Product Management. Gibsen, who has over 20 years of experience managing SaaS products, has provided product-related solutions for both large enterprises and high growth start-ups. Gibsen's success with scaling SaaS companies makes him a solid fit for MyCarrier's rapid, yet sustainable growth strategy.

Another outward sign of the company's growth is the successful release of innovative new features such as QuickShip, an adaptive learning technology that allows shippers to dispatch hundreds of orders in minutes. Other highly anticipated products, such as a dynamic truckload, are in the works and expected to be officially announced soon. Based on feedback from thousands of shippers and carriers, this upcoming feature is expected to bring best-in-class shipment automation to truckload.

MyCarrier CEO and co-founder, Mike Bookout, plans to continue offering new features within the platform that create a better multimodal shipping experience, and to work with shippers and carriers to provide solutions in an ever-changing market.

"The advantage of working with each carrier individually is that it allows us to gather their technological requirements to make the platform better meet their needs," Bookout said. "The same goes for shippers. Each of our new products and features are designed to provide our customers with a simpler, more cost-effective way to ship."

Bookout predicts that MyCarrier's rapid growth will continue to accelerate over the next few years.

"The growing demand in the carrier-direct marketplace, along with projections for a booming LTL market, creates the opportunity for sustained company growth," Bookout said. "In fact, Chris [Scheid] and I predict that MyCarrier will become a billion-dollar company within 5 years, and possibly even sooner."

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