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MyCarrier Saves Packaging Company from Paying Soaring Pallet Rates



When Omni Specialty Packaging LLC had to decide between an 11% increase on pallet rates or moving to a tariff-based pricing program, they were hoping for a better option. Logistics Coordinator, Joanna Ross, wanted to leave pallet shipping behind. Unfortunately, she didn’t have the time or resources needed to visit multiple sites for quoting, booking, and tracking. And with 50 plus shipments going out per day, processing individual orders was extremely time consuming.

Fortunately, Joanna was introduced to MyCarrier, which has provided the company with a quick and efficient way to rate, route, manage, and measure each shipment. With MyCarrier's powerful suite of technology, Omni Specialty Packaging has finally been able to move away from expensive pallet-based pricing and onto a more timesaving, cost-effective shipping process. 


Shipper Case Study

Find out more about Omni Specialty Packaging's previous challenges and how much time and money they now save on their shipping process.

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