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Despite a Sluggish Freight Market, MyCarrier’s Momentum Continues

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MyCarrier Earns Highest Awards in G2 Spring 2023 Report Amid Robust Q1 Growth

As the leading shipping management platform for small to midsize businesses, MyCarrier announced today that it was named the leader in G2’s spring report for both Transportation Management Systems and Shipping Software categories. In conjunction, Q1 results show strong growth for MyCarrier, a rarity among freight tech companies in today’s slow market.

At the close of the first quarter, freight spend through MyCarrier’s platform surpassed $700M TTM, up 48% from the prior period. The company also reported over 2.5 million automated shipments through the platform. MyCarrier currently has over 52,000 registered users, adding over 5,000 new customers to its user base in Q1 alone. As a result, MyCarrier will hit an ARR run rate of approximately $20M with year over year growth of 115%, while continuously adding value to all participants on the platform.

“With visibility to numerous freight tech companies across the industry, I’m excited to see that MyCarrier continues to lead the way”, said John Larkin, MyCarrier Advisory Board Member and active transportation industry investor. “What really sets the platform apart from the rest is the great customer experience. Users gain a frictionless shipping process from day one, adding immediate value in the form of ease, operational efficiencies, and cost savings.”

The strong Q1 numbers correlate with positive customer feedback online. On top of the G2 reviews that catapulted MyCarrier to #1 in both Transportation Management Systems and Shipping Software categories, the platform received multiple badge and awards, including:

  • Mid-market Leader
  • Leader Small Business
  • Momentum Leader
  • Easiest to Use
  • Easiest to do Business With
  • Easiest Admin
  • Users Most Likely to Recommend
  • #1 for Carrier Selection
  • #1 for ERP Systems
  • #1 for Quality of Support
  • And more…

The rankings and badges are based on reviews from the user community and aggregated data from social networks and online sources.

Of the reviews MyCarrier received, 97% were likely to recommend MyCarrier’s platform.

“All of our efforts are focused on providing value for our users,” said Michael Bookout, MyCarrier cofounder and CEO. “From ease of use to new capabilities, we’re committed to providing streamlined shipping and cost savings for our customers. We’re honored to be recognized as a leader in shipping technology and look forward to continually adding value for our users.”

Rob Estes, CEO of Estes Express Lines, recognizes that much of MyCarrier’s success comes from a strong focus on value for the customer.

“As a partner of MyCarrier, we see first-hand how much shippers benefit from a direct digital connection with their carriers,” Estes said. “Having a platform to manage and measure their end-to-end shipping process is a game-changer. Seeing the value this technology brings to our shared customers is really rewarding, especially as new features and capabilities are brought to the table.”

With a 4.8 out of five stars overall rating, customers have left feedback about ease of use, increased efficiency, cost savings, and more. Actual G2 user review excerpts include: 

Literally could not do my job without MyCarrierTMS. MyCarrier is the heart of our operation at our business. It lets us easily compare quotes between carriers and see what new markets we can break into with affordable freight rates. Before MyCarrier, I had to log into multiple (8+) carrier websites for every shipment to get direct quotes which ate up a ton of time. The Calendar view is a fantastic tool to get an overview of all your moving product, and to identify problems before the customer does.”

  • Austin J., Director of Operations

We get the centralized data of a 3PL with all the direct carrier advantages.”

  • Eric J., owner

MyCarrierTMS is a logistics manager’s dream come true.”

  • Heather B., Supply Chain Account Specialist

MyCarrier transformed shipping operations for IPC Global Solutions. IPC benefits from not dealing with clunky routing guides that lead to higher-cost LTL shipments. Having real-time quoting makes choosing the best carrier fast and easy!”

  • Byron H., VP of Operations



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