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How to Utilize TMS Software Data To Control Shipping Costs

With rising costs, it's more important than ever that shippers have complete visibility to cost per shipment, market share, and other comprehensive data that provides an in-depth understanding of how they're spending money.

A full-featured transportation management system, like MyCarrierTMS, provides a central repository for high-value shipping data. This repository delivers the visibility needed to manage and measure costs, optimize pricing, and put control mechanisms in place that prevent overspending.

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Here's a quick hitter on how MyCarrier helps companies control their costs,
understand them, but better yet, protect themselves from risk every day. When we produce shipments, we get them out the door, and we're creating costs, right?

Those costs could change week over week, month over month. But if I don't have a system in place, a central repository where I am managing and measuring this, how do I look week over week or month over month to understand that my cost per 100 weight went up $10 or $20 month over month?

And if I'm not measuring that, how do I know how that has directly impacted my freight as a percent of sales? Meaning it is cutting directly into my profit margin every time my freight increases. And if I don't have control mechanisms in place, and better yet, the visibility to manage and measure that, then I'm just flat-out losing money.

But if you're not looking, then you never see, so check out MyCarrier.io and learn how easy it is to control, manage, and measure your costing.

Avoid the risk. Get out ahead of this.