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MyCarrier Uses Series A Funding to Attract Key Executive Talent 

Transportation and logistics software company enhances its leadership team with proven trailblazers in LTL technology.



MyCarrier CEO Michael Bookout announced today the appointment of Tommy Barnes to the position of Chief Revenue Officer. Barnes, who will oversee growth strategy and revenue operations, including the monetization of MyCarrier’s freight logistics platform, recently joined the executive team.

Another new addition to the MyCarrier team is Chris Horvat, who is currently serving as Chief Technology Officer. Horvat has extensive IT organization experience and brings many years of technological insight to his role.

After more than a decade as CTO at Skyview Networks, Horvat’s knowledge will be instrumental to MyCarrier’s continued technological advancements, which include advanced platform features and enhanced end-to-end integrations with shipper and carrier systems, and data driven analytic technology for our carrier partners. These integrations include Truckload, Electronic Invoicing/Freight Audit Billing, and Shipper ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). Data driven analytics will focus on carrier partner data to drive shipper value, such as pricing feedback, lane analysis, and shipper/carrier sales engagement.

According to Bookout, key hires such as Tommy Barnes and Chris Horvat are just the beginning.

“We want to bring in new talented employees with fresh ideas. And these are just the first steps as we continue looking to hire top talent into the Scottsdale channel,” Bookout continued. “We are really working to put together a solid team from product specialists to C-Level.”

Bookout believes that Barnes will capitalize on the growth that MyCarrier is experiencing while scaling the organization to meet the growing needs of both shippers and carriers alike. An accomplished leader in global network partnerships and former president of project44, Barnes has an impressive track record of directing and motivating leadership teams.

“Tommy understands freight operations better than almost anyone I know. He has worked in-the-trenches with both transport companies and platform technology,” Bookout said. “Tommy continues to advance ideas in ways that have transformed our industry and reshaped logistical operations.”

A veteran of the transportation industry, Barnes has held significant leadership positions in technology firms prior to joining MyCarrier, which will pay dividends now that the company has raised its first round of Series A funding.

Barnes will continue to support multiple companies in the industry through his board of director and advisory roles while serving as CRO at MyCarrier. Barnes set growth records in both sales and new client acquisition in previous leadership roles.

Bookout’s vision is to have Barnes build a successful scalable model, as he did with project44, to become the predominant leader in freight technology.

“Transport companies need technology like that of MyCarrier to drive process efficiencies, especially given everchanging needs in the global supply chain space,” Barnes stated.

“Tommy’s past work history in developing revenue strategies is what we need for MyCarrier,” Bookout said. “His unmatched experience developing new business models is at the core of what we need right now, and I am confident he will rise to the occasion once again to help us improve our growth for MyCarrier.” Bookout finished by saying, “Mr. Tommy Barnes is a fantastic addition to the C-level suite of talent, and we are thankful he has come on board.”

Bookout is also excited about what Horvat brings to the table, in both experience and thought leadership.

“Horvat has an in-depth understanding of technology and plans to use his knowledge to support advancements in the platform,” Bookout explained. “He will be instrumental in keeping the company at the forefront of digital shipping technology.”

MyCarrier plans to continue filling open positions with innovative and experienced individuals, such as Horvat and Barnes. According to Bookout, the caliber of talent being brought into the company is unrivaled.

The goal in hiring top talent is to increase product capabilities, improve marketing and sales strategies, and to continually provide innovative solutions in the freight industry,” Bookout said. “We really are looking to execute on diversification of thought. That’s why we’ve brought on some of the best people in the industry. The recent additions of experienced leaders have really taken the company to a new level, and I believe they’ll continue to do so in the future.”

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