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Freight Shippers: 5 Reasons to Book with MyCarrier Instead of a 3PL

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If you've discovered this post, chances are you're considering switching to a Third Party Logistics (3PL) company. While 3PLs can offer some benefits, there are several disadvantages to booking through a 3PL for shippers and carriers alike. 

Read more to discover 5 reasons for shippers to book with MyCarrier instead of a 3PL.
1. Up-To-Date Information
Our APIs connect shippers directly with the carrier. We don't need to manually update our system because it updates automatically. For this reason, you'll always get the most recent and accurate shipping information.
2. Fast Rates Without The Markup
While 3PLs may raise their rates to pay for the manual labor of retrieving data, our software retrieves data for us. Since there's no extra hands working on rates, there's no extra cost in our software. Period.
3. Complete Shipment Information
Complete shipment information enables shippers to reduce inefficiencies with their customers and help them succeed together through streamlining the collection of information and optimizing operations. What are shippers finding with our systems? Complete shipment information 6-8 hours earlier than what they would see outside the market (3PL, enterprise, local).
4. Freight Gets Damaged Less
Line haul is the largest cost for most shippers. Only having visibility to tonnage makes it harder to allocate equipment to drivers as tonnage doesn't necessarily equal the amount of space that needs to be taken up. Though trailers can fit many tons, it doesn't necessarily mean that your weight can fit in only one trailer.
If you have complete shipment information (including DIMS) you can better plan shipments for efficiency. Unfortunately, 3PLs don't provide this data. Visibility to complete shipment information can improve efficiency and reduce costs by optimizing your manpower and equipment utilizations. This way you can do less busy work and instead focus on direct marketplace data. Better data and planning means freight will get touched less, and less touching means less opportunity for items to be broken.
5. Complimentary Core Software
You might be asking yourself, "Okay, what's the catch?" Carriers love our software and they're willing to pay when their shippers like it, too. Shippers don't have to pay a penny to use our core software, which includes quoting, booking, tracking shipments, creating quick BOLs, and more.