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5 Reasons to Manage Your Freight with MyCarrierTMS Instead of a 3PL

If you've discovered this post, chances are you've considered using a Third Party Logistics (3PL) company for your shipping needs. While 3PLs can offer some benefits, there are several disadvantages of managing shipments through a middleman, for shippers and carriers alike. 

As an automated shipping platform, MyCarrierTMS offers multiple benefits that a 3PL does not. Read below to find out what some of those advantages are.


1. Up-To-Date Information

Our APIs connect shippers directly with their carriers. There's no need to manually update our system because it updates automatically. You'll always have access to the most recent and accurate information, including the status of your shipments on a live tracking calendar 


2. Fast Rates Without The Markup

While 3PLs often raise their rates to pay for the manual labor of retrieving data, our software retrieves the data for us. Because there are no extra hands working on retrieving data, there are no markups in our software. Period. You get direct rates from all your carriers in one convenient view, without the rate hikes. 


3. Comprehensive Shipment Information

Detailed shipment information enables shippers to reduce inefficiencies with their customers and improve customer service. What are shippers finding with MyCarrierTMS? Complete shipment information 6-8 hours earlier than what they would see outside the platform (3PL, enterprise, local). 


4. Less Freight Damage

With accurate, early shipment information, carriers are able to optimize lanes. Lane optimization means that freight travels from your warehouse to final destination with fewer stops, leading to less opportunity for damaged or lost goods.  


5. 'Shipper of Choice' Status

In the current tight capacity market, carriers are having to be choosier about who they do business with. Being able to share accurate shipment data with your carriers earlier on in the shipping process leads to streamlined pickups, a reduction in business risk, and the ability to secure capacity as a shipper of choice.



Though we've only listed five reasons why MyCarrierTMS is more efficient, cost-effective, and intuitive than a 3PL, there are many, many more. If you'd like more information, feel free to contact us to learn more.